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SuncatchersSuitable for children£9
Paint a canvasSuitable for allFrom £10
Make Pom Pom creaturesSuitable for all£5
Diamond Painted hanging window decorationsTeen & up£15
Air drying clay creationsSuitable for all£9
Make your own maskSuitable for all£13
Paint your own coasterSuitable for all£10
Make a beautiful bunch of flowersSuitable for Children£10
Card makingSuitable for all£15
Paint your own Mug or GlassSuitable for 7 & up£13
3D painted glass panelTeen & up£15
Linocut stamp design and printTeen & up£11
Polymer Clay JewelleryTeen & up£15
Mosaic tile coasterTeen & up£15.50
Engraving 2 slate or glass coastersTeen & up£14
String artTeen & up£10
Draw your own design and have it printed on a mugSuitable for all£13
Ceramic money box ( various designs)Suitable for children£11-13
Acrylic pouringTeen & up£20
Mini family figures in a frameTeen & up£15
Acrylic ResinTeen & up£15
QuillingTeen & up£11
All craft activities include light refreshments