Mica Powder


Cosmetic grade Mica powder from Marblers in 40 colours
Vegan and cruelty free

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We have a selection of MARBLERS prime and pearls mica powders
Safe cosmetic grade
Highly pigmented
Large Colour Range
Vegan & cruelty free
3-5g per pot depending on colour

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1.Cream white, 2.Light grey, 3.Dark grey, 4.True black, 5.Beige, 6.Bright yellow, 7.Bright gold, 8.Bronze, 9.Dry orange, 10.Pink, 11.Pink red, 12.Hot pink, 13.Magenta, 14.Deep red, 15.Wine, 16.Bright Violet, 17.Wood brown, 18.Deep ocean, 19.Turqoise, 20.Gentle Blue, 21.Fine navy, 22.Avocado Green, 23.Jade Green, 24.Forest Green, 25.Pine green, 26.Luna Pearl, 27.Silver Pearl, 28.Midnight Pearl, 29.Chiffon Pearl, 30.Blossom Pearl, 31.Ruby Pearl, 32.Apricot Pearl, 33.Candy Pearl, 34.Sunny Pearl, 35.Giant Gold, 36.Emerald Lake, 37.Tiffany Pearl, 38.Magic Lake Pearl, 39.Marine Pearl, 40.Blue Black