Sparkling Resin Table

Bespoke Worktops

Professional Finish

Worksurfaces are something we use every day.  We've got them in the kitchen, in the living room, at work; and even in the bedroom.  Why should you choose to upgrade your office desk or kitchen counter?  Resin tabletops, like the ones you see in the pictures, can be anything you want.  For example, the growing in popularity, river table, a colourful swirling table, or even a water inspired table.

What can a homemade resin tabletop do for you?  The most promenant feature is how eye-catching it is in your house setting.  The resin surface can become a talking point in your house, your friends and family will love coming around to see it.  On the more practical side, a resin worktop is non-absorbant so those coffee stains and mug rings will be a thing you'll never have to worry about.  One of its other amazing features is its long-life promise.  When you have one of my tables/decorative work surfaces it will look like new for so much longer than any other type of table you'll own. Why not sign up for a yearly or bi-yearly refresh?

If you want a beautiful and durable, ARTISIAN surface don't look any further than Arttastic.