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Art Commissions

Do you need an art commission you can't find anywhere?

Commissions are one of the first services I began providing for my customers.  Along-side my paintings, I have been selling and showcasing in galleries and shop walls, I also enjoy bringing to life something you might like seeing in your living space.

What is an art commission?  A commission is defined as the act of formally choosing someone to make a piece of work, or to formally ask for a unique piece of work from someone.  So this means that, for example, if you messaged me with a design in mind, I would be able to produce for you.  A Commission which will be meaningful, and unique to you.

So why should you request a commission from me rather than going to any shop?  It's simple.  Would you prefer to wake up to a hand-crafted picture of a baby/pet?  Or open your eyes to a unique, artesian painting of your own child/pet.  You of course don't have to stick to just a baby/pet.  I specialise in scenery paintings so you could lock down a memory of your honeymoon, your favourite holiday, or even your first house.  The list really is endless when you think about using commissions.

Please message me with the link below to find out what I can do for you, I would love to work with you to brighten up your living space with my artwork.

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