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What I can offer you, and more...

From artisian artwork to workshops in various mediums:




And Mixed-Media workshops

The list really is endless...


You will not be starved of options when you come to Arttastic with your art questions.

The workshops we host can take place either in our art hub 13-15 Bond Street Birstall WF17 9EX; or at your home as a one-to-one session.  You can become the artist you've always wanted to be!  We also run workshops for children who are home educated, or the elderly as part of their activity programmes.

Our wall art can either be on canvas, housed in specially crafted frames or designed as a mural.   Our art commissions will be completed to the highest of standards, with quality being guaranteed.  We will work with you throughout the entire process to ensure the work is exactly what you envision.

If you have anything you'd like to see painted or any gift ideas for your friends and family, contact us about your request and we can chat about any of your requirements and/or specifications.

Take a look at our gallery and shop, or send us a message if you'd like more information.


Discover your inner artist

We all know someone who can paint beautiful artwork without even trying.  Have you ever watched that person “doodling” and wish you could do just that?  Well learning is easy with my workshops wether that is Watercolour, Acrylic, Pencil or Resin.  Each session I provide will be different in some way, whether it be the media we are working with or what object we are focussing on.  There are always skills to learn.  With the art classes for everyone we make art not rules.



Quality Assured

Have you got any special moments you want capturing and framing for your walls?  Or even a special handmade present for your friends and family members?  Don't hesitate to send me your ideas and inspirations, and I can get onto creating your personalised gift or memorable moment.



Exceptional Service

Not enough space to cover that bland wall with furniture?  Ashamed of bringing friends over?  Now there is no need to feel like this anymore.  Where art is concerned rules go out the window.  This is where Inspiration meets imagination.  Get a mural in your life today.

Tree Mural

Bespoke Worktops

Professional Finish

Have you got a worksurface around the house or office which is in need of an upgrade?  Is your kitchen table full of coffee stains and mug rings?  If you message me I will work with you to design you a new tabletop/Worktop which will rival any others and even make your neighbours jealous.

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